Technical Assistance Center

CSPF’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) was launched in March 2012 to provide assistance to park partners (nonprofit organizations, local government agencies, and others) that are supporting state parks via new operating agreements, donor agreements, or other formalized relationships. Through TAC, we have increased the capacity, ability, and effectiveness of park partners and hope to enable the success of new management and funding models aimed at achieving excellence in California’s state parks.

Who We Assist

CSPF’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provides pro bono organizational development, fundraising, and marketing support to more than 100 park partners statewide. These partners include nonprofit and friends organizations, local government agencies, and others who have formalized operating agreements with the state parks’ department.

When the idea for TAC was conceived, it was designed to assist park partner organizations who were supporting parks on the closure list. As the circumstances around park closures changed and as we learned more about the needs of our park partners and our state parks, CSPF decided to modify TAC’s scope and extend assistance beyond this original group. Over the past few years, TAC has grown to include organizations that are supporting parks through new operating agreements, donor agreements, or other agreements who we felt would benefit from our services. As a result, our outreach in 2013 increased from 50-60 organizations to just over 100.

These 100+ organizations receive TAC newsletters, which include resources, articles, and helpful tips, and are invited to attend our events (webinars, trainings) as well as apply for competitive methods of assistance (see the “How We Assist” section for more information).

If your organization is not already on our e-mail list and think you are eligible to receive assistance, please send an email to Gabrielle Ohayon, TAC Manager, at with a description of your organization, your relationship to one or more state parks and any other supporting information.


CSPF’s technical assistance services increase the capacity, ability, and effectiveness of park partners and advance new management and funding models aimed at achieving excellence in California’s state parks.

  • One-on-One Consulting
    • At certain points during the year, park partners are invited to apply to receive one-on-one consulting from our network of TAC consultants. This assistance has allowed organizations to work with individually with a TAC consultant in areas of operations, fundraising, and communications.  We are looking to grow our pool of consultants and will be adding topics based on the needs of our partners. Partners are notified of opportunities to apply for assistance via email.
  • Office Hours
    • Throughout the year, park partners are invited to apply to receive targeted, individualized phone assistance from our fundraising and communications consultants. Park partners choose from a menu of assistance topics and are designated a certain number of hours to work with a consultant. TAC is looking to expand this program to include other topics.
  • Webinars
    • TAC holds webinars on topics including social media, communications planning, board development, financial planning and volunteer recruitment. To date, TAC has held 10 webinars, all of which have been recorded and saved for future use. If you are interested in listening to a previously held webinar, please contact Gabrielle Ohayon at
    • Webinars are announced in our e-newsletters and in our TAC Facebook Group, so please make sure to look out for them there.
  • Newsletters
    • TAC sends out frequent e-newsletters to share resources, announcements and invitations to register for webinars, helpful tips and articles (many of which are written by our TAC consultants), and distribute tools and links. If you would like to receive our e-newsletters, please send your contact information to Gabrielle Ohayon at
  • In-person trainings
    • TAC has held in-person fundraising trainings and is hoping to hold additional training throughout the state on topics that will be most beneficial to our partners.
  • Convenings
    • Every year, TAC holds a convening where park partners are invited to meet each other, share their stories, successes and challenges, and provide us with feedback on the program. TAC consultants and special guests are also invited to lead workshops and presentations.   

Our Consultants

  • Full Court Press Communications
  • Klein & Roth Consulting
  • Blue Oak Consulting
  • Oakbay Consulting
  • Center for Nonprofit Management
  • and more

Meet the Consultants →

If you are interested in joining our team of consultants, please send an email to Gabrielle Ohayon at

What our Partners are Saying

  • “Our Governor’s Mansion Foundation is stronger and more focused as a result of your leadership in making this training possible” – G. Albert Howenstein, Jr., Board Chair, California State Historic Governor’s Mansion Foundation
  • “The consulting assistance we got from [Full Court Press], thanks to TAC, was a shot in the arm for our group…With that assistance and a clear-thinking new board president, we’re gearing up to think more strategically about what we want to accomplish and to work more closely with our state park partners” – Anne Komer, Friends of Mt. Tam
  • “Our confidence and comfort level are increased. We have a clearer vision and know-how for reaching one of our two target markets (potential park visitors and potential donors).” Rick Barclay, Friends of Palomar Mountain State Park
  • “Because of this experience, we feel much less isolated and much more connected to the broader world of California State Park non-profits. Because of this help we are better equipped to continue the support we give to our five irreplaceable California State Parks” – Margaret Rhyne, President, Poppy Reserve Mojave Desert Interpretive Association
California State Parks Foundation

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